Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stitch Fix #1 - May

There is a group of people at work who are subscribing to Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a company that provides clothing via mail based on a series of questions you fill out. You have three days to return any clothing you don't want. You get a styling guide (see above) which I like that gives you ideas (casual and dressy) for the pieces. 

The price for a "fix" is $20 (which is called a "styling fee"). You can deduct the "styling fee" from any item you purchase. If you purchase all the items in your box you can get a hefty discount. 

The biggest problem I had with Stitch Fix initially is that the maximum size they provide is 14 (XL). This is a problem because I am at the highest range of this scale. I am a solid 16 with the ability to fit into a 14 with the help of compression garments. I decided to give it a go anyway mainly because I hate clothes shopping. I have no sense of style and always look to the store displays for outfit ideas. I figured the worst case scenario would be I was out $20.  

I'm sure the stylist assigned to me thought I was the most boring person in the world. I very specifically said I don't want any dresses, skirts, jackets, or purses. I tend to wear pants (long or capri) to work, I move around a lot and need pockets and the ability to feel like I can stand up, sit down, or get up and down from any floor comfortably. I am not a "purse person" i.e. someone who changes out purses to match outfits or seasons. Give me one good purse and I am fine...forever. Jackets were a definite no because I live in the south and I rarely wear one because it is so hot.

I did some research before I plunged in (I read other reviews and looked up videos on YouTube). Probably the best advice was that you should try on all the clothes in a fix BEFORE looking at the prices (which was good piece of advice since some of the prices might deter you from even trying something on). This is what I got in my first fix (I got five items total - which is the norm). 

This shirt wasn't too bad but didn't WOW me. It fit so....YAY to that! It could have been a bit longer. I returned it.

This shirt was longer but too baggy, particularly in the arm holes. The way the shirt was cut also required strapless bra, which oddly enough I don't have. I am not opposed to getting one...just not for this shirt. It got returned.

The shirt was TOO TIGHT mainly around the arms and bust. It got returned

I got these distressed jean capris. I have to tell you I was THRILLED that I fit in the size 14. I wasn't thrilled with the distressed aspect (buying jeans with holes in them?!?!). I would have loved them without the distressed aspect. The price on these were $88 (ouch!). This was the only thing I liked out of the fix so I either bought these (I could deduct my $20 styling fee) or loose $20. I decided to get out of my comfort zone (as far as distressed clothing went) and purchased them. I did make a note on my account that I don't want any more distressed items. Since I have purchased them they have become my "go to" jeans of the summer. I love them! I would still like a pair without the holes (I need to research those but feel hard pressed to spend another $88 no matter how much I like them). 

The last item were these silver tear drop earrings. I noted that I prefer silver jewelry over gold so I am glad that was taken into consideration. They were too big for me and something I would never wear so they got returned. 

All in all it wasn't a bad first experience. It was fun to get the package and try on the clothes. I have decided I would try it for five months (total of $100 in styling fees) and see how I felt about it after that. 

If you would like to try it please note that they have a referral program. If you sign up I get a credit of $25 (I signed up under a friend of mine so she got the credit). Here is my REFERRAL LINK if you are interested. 

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