Thursday, July 23, 2015

Monogrammed Shoes

Here in Beaufort, SC we are in the middle of our yearly Water Festival. One aspect of this 10 day festival that I love is the craft fair. 

This year monogramming tents were HUGE...I counted four! One of the tents had these adorable monogrammed sandals for $25. Unbelievably I have lived in the south for 18 years and don't own ANY wearable monogrammed items but these caught my eye. They are a new vendor to the Water Festival so it felt good to support them. 

I bought the black pair first and loved the nude/tan pair so much I bought them several days later. Sadly I waited a little too long and they didn't have my size, 7.5, so I bought them in 7 (which is fine in a sandal for me). 

They do have an Etsy store titled Booth209. The sandals are on sale there for $29. 

The first question I get is "Are they Comfortable?". For me, yes. They are pretty flat to the ground and don't have a thick sole so not a lot of support (something to consider if you have problem feet). The shoes brand is "Sunny Feet." I wear a lot of "flip flop" type sandals so they are fine for me. They are definitely not something I would wear for a lot of walking but I would wear them to work (on a day were I am not doing a lot of walking around a school) or to a nice social occasion like dinner or a wedding. I also thought they would be super cute for a bridal party (I have a niece planning a beach wedding and these made me think of her). 

I can't speak to how well they hold up...yet. Note that that they are $25 so I don't have a high level of expectations that they will last past a year of regular wear. There was a manufacturer defect on one of the side straps when I picked up my black pair (which might speak to the quality). The owners replaced those immediately for me.

Right now I am super happy with them and posted my pictures on my Facebook page and have had several friends go to buy them. If you are looking for a cute, inexpensive, pair of monogrammed sandals for the summer you might want to consider these. 

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