Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dawn and Vinegar Bathroom Cleaner - Review

This week I FINALLY tried the vinegar and dawn bathroom cleaning solution. I did one cup of vinegar (heated in the spray bottle for 1:40 aid in the mixture of the two solutions...per this blog post) and one cup of the dawn. I sprayed pretty much the two cups in my nasty bathtub...don't judge..I do have before and after pictures but those ARE NOT going on this blog. The amount of wait time seems to vary among people on the internet so I opted for an hour (I told you my bathtub was nasty!). I used a green scrubbing pad and went to work (I had to apply elbow grease in some areas...remember...nasty tub!). 

I really liked the outcome much better than over the Tilex I normally (and apparently infrequently) use. Definitely two thumbs up and I will use it again (probably not anytime soon as history has judged :).

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